Factpinion Quote #1: J.A.C. Brown

Most people want to feel that issues are simple rather than complex, want to have their prejudices confirmed, want to feel that they ‘belong’ with the implication that others do not, and need to pinpoint an enemy to blame for their frustrations.”

– J.A.C. Brown, Techniques of Persuasion, Propaganda, and Communications, 1964


Open-Mindedness / פתיחות מחשבתית

A great video on critical thought and so-called “open mindedness”. This video obviates a thousand FP blog posts!

וידאו מעולה על חשיבה ביקורתית ו”פתיחות מחשבתית” כביכול. הוידאו מייתר אלף פוסטים בבלוג הזה!

(תודה, מנו.)